One of the best new thrillers of the year, Never Go Alone by Denison Hatch.

Never Go Alone by Denison Hatch.



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… and the RAVES are COMING IN:


From Best Thrillers:

“The return of Denison Hatch’s unruly, undercover NYPD detective Jake Rivett is something to celebrate.”
Never Go Alone is an explosive return for both Denison Hatch and his hero. In a landscape flooded with new technology and culture – where robbers take selfies of themselves hanging from the buildings they’re about to rob, or watch “back yard brawl videos on the way to a heist – Hatch has crafted the perfect anti-hero with which to take on this new class of criminal.”
“Hatch deftly delivers a lot of energy through his wordcraft that propels the story forward, but doesn’t distract. Taken together with well-crafted action, and the joyous intensity of toeing the line between cop and criminal, Never Go Alone is a must read for fans of techno thrillers and fast-paced police procedurals.”

From Book Postmortem:

“Denison Hatch has done it again. The second in the Jake Rivett Series is as riveting as the first. As breathtaking, as heart-hammering and as page-turning!”

From Kirkus Reviews:

“This time, Ducati-loving Jake, a headbanger musician in his spare time, goes deep undercover to infiltrate a group that is specifically targeting penthouse apartments in skyscrapers belonging to a Donald Trump-ish real estate mogul, Arthur Metropolis.”
“Written in a particularly visceral fashion, readers get to experience firsthand the pure adrenaline rush of this new breed of urban explorer and location hacker.
“The author writes with flair about cutting-edge technology and turns out to be a knowledgeable guide when it comes to the shadow Manhattan that few are privileged to know about” … “[He] shows an imaginative knack for combining old-fashioned thrills with high-tech capers.”
“The most exhilarating action set pieces this side of either version of the movie Point Break.”




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